A survey of patients with chronic psychosis before and after discharge from the Athalassa Psychiatric Hospital

Stelios Georgiadis, clinical psychologist
Chris Messis, neurologist-psychiatrist
Ioannis Kalakoutas, psychiatrist

For the Cyprus Mental Health Commission

Two surveys were undertaken in 2000 and 2008.

In the first survey 75 patients (average age 45 and stay in the Hospital 70 months)) with chronic psychosis, mostly schizophrenic, were tested before discharge from Athalassa Psychiatric Hospital. The second survey was a follow up of 56 of those patients (average age 52) now living in nursing homes in the community.

In the first study (2000) the clinical picture, dexterities for living and work in the community, behavior problems, the I.Q. etc. were ascertained. The results showed that only a small proportion (13.5%) were in a position ro return to the community with only a minimum preparation. The majority of these patients were not ready to be discharged without intensive and continuing programs for improvement of their dexterities and abilities for independent living in the community.

The follow up study (2008) showed that aberrant behavior (physically and verbally violent, self injury, sexual offences etc.) was markedly reduced and there was satisfaction with daily living and entertainment. In contrast there was little or no change regarding dexterities and attitudes toward employment, self sufficiency and socialization.

These results were similar to other European studies.


From the above studies it became clear that aberrant behavior is mostly the result of institutionalization and not the result of their illness.

More individualized programs are needed both before and after discharge from Athalassa Psychiatric Hospital to improve dexterities and attitudes toward self sufficiency, socialization and employment.