Nursing Home Care of Dementia Patients
(A National Surney in Cyprus),
C. Messis, Y. Kalakoutas, C. Ioannides

Cyprus Mental Health Commission, with the support of:


  1. Estimated number of patients with Dementia in 2001 in Cyprus
  2. Nursing Homes in Cyprus
  3. Nursing Home Survey
  4. Total Sample of Residents According to Types of Nursing Homes Studied
  5. Age Distribution of Nursing Home Residents
  6. Gender Distribution of Nursing Home Residents
  7. Gender Distribution in Relation to Age
  8. Nursing Home Residents with Dementia
  9. Exclusion Criteria (Psychotic, Stroke, Blindness, Deafness, Retardation, Etc.)
  10. Age Distribution of Patients with Dementia
  11. Dementia Residents and Type of Nursing Home
  12. Dementia Residents and Gender
  13. Dementia and Primary Education
  14. Age, Gender, Primary education as independent variables
  15. Degree of severity of Dementia according to MMSE score
  16. Degree of Severity in Residents with Dementia
  17. Severity of Dementia in Relation to Primary Education
  18. State of Mobilization of Nursing Home Residents
  19. Bedridden Residents Depending on Mental State
  20. Is there Satisfactory Communication with Resident?
  21. Satisfactory Communication with Resident in Relation to Mental State
  22. Does the Resident Follow Simple Commands?
  23. Following Simple Commands in Relation to Mental State
  24. Diagnosis on Admission
  25. Medication Taken
  26. Medication Taken According to Final Diagnosis
  27. Family Satisfaction with Care of Residents with Dementia
  28. Is the Resident Isolated?
  29. Is the Resident Physically Restrained?
  30. Is Physical Violence Used?
  31. Is there Satisfactory Entertainment?
  32. Is the Resident Secure?
  33. Conclusions