The Nursing Homes in the Care of Patients with Psychosis,
Dr. Y.Kalakoutas, Dr. Chr. Messis, C. Ioannides


  1. Background Information
  2. Number of Patients at Athalassa Psychiatric Hospital, Years 1996 - 2002
  1. Distribution According to Admission Date
  2. Age Distribution of Patients
  3. Age Distribution in Categories of Nursing Homes
  4. Correlation of Gender with Age
  5. Distribution of Patients According to Diagnosis
  6. Diagnosis and Age Group
  7. Contact with Family and Friends
  8. General Satisfaction with Nursing Home
  9. Satisfaction with Entertainment
  10. Do you go out by yourself?
  11. Satisfaction of Relatives or Friends with Patient Care
  12. Satisfactory Psychiatric Follow Up
  13. Financial Contribution in Different Age Groups
  14. Conclusions